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Logic SnifferThe Open Logic Sniffer is an awesome creation from the labs of Dangerous Prototypes and the Gadget Factory.  

A logic analyzer is used for observing the operation of digital circuits, computers, microcontrollers, etc...   The above guys made an immensely useful 32-channel one just slightly bigger than a credit card that's inexpensive.   A toy for engineers...
Logic Snifer

Homebrew Steam:

Steam Tractor TankBuilt from an old Tamiya 1/16 King Tiger.  Mounds of dirt, gravel & leaves hold no fear.   Inspired by Crabfu's Steam Lobster.   
Steam Tractor Tank
Face Shovel Excavator:   Built from Meccano.  Powered by steam.  Just show me where to dig.   Inspired by Chris' Meccano Restoration site.

Originally built by Patrick Lewis, England, and featured in the October 1970 issue of Meccano Magazine.   John Bader, England, presented an updated article in the June 2002 issue of Constructor Quarterly.

Face Shovel Excavator

Steam Locopede:   Built atop a Gakken Mechamo Centipede.   High creep factor for those bothered by too many legs (like cats).  Inspired by Crabfu's Steam Centipede.

Steam Locopede

R/C Steam Turret TankBigger boiler, two steam engines, a working turret and simulated gun effects.   The next generation in steam tank design!

Steam Turret Tank
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