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1. Logic Sniffer Background
2. Wire Harnesses
3. Acrylic Cases
4. FPGA & PIC firmware Image Loader
5. FPGA w/ HP16550 style triggers

Logic Sniffer Image Loader

1. Logic Sniffer Background
The Open Logic Sniffer is a tiny logic analyzer that is very small, very portable, very useful, and for those inclined easy to customize.   The design is compatible with the SUMP Logic Analyzer, and was created by the labs of Dangerous Prototypes and the Gadget Factory.   The OLS plugs into a USB port on your computer, and a program such as Jawi's OLS Client controls it.   

The OLS uses a Xilinx FPGA for the heavy lifting.  The source code for it is open source.   Thus if you're familiar with Verilog or the VHDL language, you can change it.   Same goes for the client programs.

They've arranged for Seeed Studio to build it.   Get one here.

2. Wire Harnesses
A logic analyzer is only useful if you can connect it to something.   For that you'll need wiring harnesses.   Seeed Studio sells them for $6.  They're made from ribbon cable, with permanently attached clips.

I prefer the wiring harnesses from Sparkfun Electronics here however.   Saleae Logic also sells them plus separate test clips here.   The clips are a somewhat pricey upgrade though.   Sparkfun also sells jumper wires that should work fine.

3. Acrylic Cases
The OLS comes as an assembled bare circuit board.   Not so great for longevity.  If you want a case, you'll need to buy one or make one.   I chose the latter.

I used the Ponoko laser cutting service, with an Inkscape SVG design file.   It's derived from J.J. Shortcut's design.   I used 3mm thick clear acrylic plastic.   For a tight fit, you should install headers in the UART, ICGP, & ROM-ISP locations.  For the buttons, a dab of glue stick holds the square plastic cutouts in place.  
SVG Image

Wire Harness
Assembled Case

4. Logic Sniffer Image Loader    -   Download Binary    -   VC6 Source Download

A simple Windows GUI utility for updating the OLS fpga & PIC firmware easily.  Click picture for details.

5. FPGA with HP16500/16550 style triggers    -   Download Latest Release

A new FPGA image with advanced triggers modeled on features of HP 16500/16550. Click picture for details.

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